St George back in the baby business

16:00, Feb 14 2014
Baby Jack Wall
NICE TIMING: Jack Wall arrived on his father’s birthday, fulfilling the wish of dad Ed Wall.

Alanya was first, David was "well cooked" and Jack was born on his dad's 50th birthday in the race to become St George's first post-quake babies.

The maternity ward at St George's Hospital has reopened after earthquake damage in 2011 to the building that housed its maternity unit.

The hospital's services were restricted to post-natal care for women transferring from Christchurch Women's Hospital after giving birth - until now.

Nearly 10,000 babies have been born at St George's in Papanui Rd since the 1940s. This week, new babies were added to the mix.

"This is a significant milestone for us and the community," said charge midwife Anna van Uden.

Alanya Veendrick, David Asher Couprie and Jack Nopera Munro-Wall were first in.


Alanya was born on Monday at 10.30pm and David and Jack were born on Tuesday.

David was five days overdue and "got the silver medal" when he arrived just before 6am, said his 35-year-old father - Jacob Couprie.

Jack was born at 1pm to Claire Marquet, 44, and Ed Wall. He shares the birthday with his father.

"He was actually due on Waitangi Day but [Ed] said, ‘I want my son born on my birthday'. I didn't control it in any way, apart from lifting some heavy bags the night before and doing some very strenuous vacuuming," said Marquet.

"Jack has four sisters. They're absolutely fizzing."

Wall said his two daughters, from a previous relationship, were born on the same day - March 15 - two years apart. "It runs in the family - having birthdays on the same day," he said.

Wall said Jack was "a surprise".

"A wonderful surprise," said Marquet. "It's just unbelievable - having a wee boy."

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