Father defends sex-tape daughter

The father of one of the three Blenheim women whose live sex show recording was shared on Facebook says his daughter has been "mercilessly crucified" by various media.

The man's letter titled "Defence of the defenceless" was published in the Blenheim Sun on Wednesday. It was signed by "Her Father".

The man says he wrote it "as a father and a parent watching every day as my daughter is mercilessly crucified by the social media, radio and newspapers".

The incident was a "momentary lapse of her moral compass", and she was defenceless in the face of "uninformed and inaccurate commentary".

The 90-minute recording of the women, believed to be aged in their late teens and early 20s, was circulated on social media earlier this month. The video is believed to have been made from a live sex show screened via web cam.

Two of the women involved went to police, concerned about the attention they received after links to the recording were shared.

The father's letter says police told the women to say nothing during the investigation.

A police report included details of physical assaults and abusive calls, he said.

Marlborough area commander Inspector Simon Feltham said police had followed up the information the women gave them and were no longer investigating.

They had tried to establish whether an offence had been committed, such as harassment or intimidation, but there was no evidence to suggest an offence had been committed, he said.

None of the women involved had reported being assaulted, he said.

Police would not be commenting further on the matter, he said.

The Marlborough Express