Rain fails to dampen colour runners' spirits

07:14, Feb 23 2014
Participants in the 2014 Colour Run.
A RIOT OF COLOUR: Participants in the 2014 Colour Run.

A rainbow greeted the Colour Run in Christchurch this morning, as thousands of people endured torrential rain at the five kilometre fun run.

The event at Canterbury Agricultural Park involves runners being pelted with brightly coloured powders at every kilometre.

Sadly, the heavy rain hampered the intended clouds of bright colour, but the rainbow peeping through the showers more than made up for the lack of airborne colour.

COLOUR BURST: Participants in the 2014 Colour Run.

The rain may have been heavy, but most runners didn't let it dampen their spirits.

Event marketing and sponsorship manager Ashlee Munting said the rain helped the colour stick to the runners.

"You don't get the colour cloud in the rain, but it sticks to the runners better in the rain. People looked very, very colourful at the finish line,'' she said.

Munting said 3,650 people took part in the run. Runners were given packets of brighly coloured poweder at the finish line, which they scattered into the air in sodden celebration.

The five kilometre event is designed to appeal to everyone from casual walkers to marathon athletes and has been held in cities all over the world.


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