Man fights police after sex in public

A man who was having sex with a woman in public fought with the police when they tried to intervene.

Nathan Terence McManus, 38, was having sex with a former girlfriend at 10am, in full view of the public and children, in the Shands Crescent Reserve on Riccarton Road.

Police prosecutor Stephen Burdes said when police arrived and told him to stop; McManus verbally abused them and kept going. After his third warning he rolled away and ran off, but fell over a rock about 5m away.

Police told him to calm down but he continued to refuse to comply with police demands and said he had done nothing wrong.

He threatened to kill police and struggled as he was handcuffed. He spat towards the arresting officer as he was transported to the police station in a patrol car.

Defence counsel Bridget Ayrey said McManus had been having his second day leave from the Nova House rehabilitation programme and had chosen to spend time with a previous girlfriend, who was also an alcoholic.

"The relationship is now over, because of the inherent dangers they present to each other," she said.

McManus, who has two previous convictions for indecent acts in public, pleaded guilty to charges of resisting arrest and performing an indecent act in public.

Judge Somerville said his principal concern was what happened after the police arrived.

"It was extreme behaviour requiring a large number of police to contain you. That is a complete waste of police resources. The whole thing was just unnecessary."

He added 50 hours to a 200-hour community work that McManus is already serving. He remains on the rehabilitation programme.

The woman appeared in court on February 7 and was fined $750 on the charge of performing an indecent act in a public place.

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