'I can't give up hope', says wife of missing passenger

21:48, Mar 10 2014
FATHER: Paul Weeks with his two children.
FATHER: Paul Weeks with his two children.

The wife of a Kiwi on board a missing Malaysia Airlines jet says she has been unable to bring herself to explain to their young son why his Dad has not Skyped him from overseas yet.

Danica Weeks is desperately waiting for news of her husband Paul, 38, one of two New Zealanders named on a passenger list for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared off the coast of Vietnam on Saturday.

"I can't give up hope. I would love him to walk through that door, hold him one more time," she told Perth media.

She said Paul, 38, left his wedding ring and watch at home.

"[He said] if something should happen to me then the wedding ringshould go to the first son that gets married and then the watch to the second'," she said.

The couple have a three-and-a-half-year-old son, Lincoln, and an 11-month-old son, Jack.


While speaking to The Press today, Danica said that Lincoln – “Dad’s little shadow” - had been asking after his father.

“I have not faced Lincoln yet. He still thinks that his Dad is going to Skype him,” she said.

A psychologist was visiting her house this afternoon, because “I want to know how to approach it and not just totally freak him out forever”.

“He’s a smart kid. He remembers everything. I’m going to have to tell him today. He’s coming home [from a friend’s house]. I’m going to break down.”

Danica said the family did a “selfie” video together, during a spare hour before Paul’s flight, “of the four of us all kissing and hugging”.

But Paul had the video with him on a tablet, so if the worst was true, “all that is lost”.

“I can’t look at the news. I know I have been on the news - I see myself, [but] it just does not seem real.”

Close friends of the Weeks’, another Kiwi couple who also live in Perth, were devastated to discover yesterday that their friend was on the missing plane.

The couple, who did not want to be named, said in an email to The Press last night that Paul was ‘‘the most amazing, fun-loving guy’’ and his death was ‘‘a massive loss’’ for all who knew him.

‘‘He captivated an audience and was always so funny. There was never a dull moment. Anything of importance would be turned inside out into a hilarious debate. His laughter was contagious,’’ they wrote.

‘‘[Paul] always looked after the ones he cared about, especially Danica and the kids. He was a passionate man who threw everything into his work and family.’’

Weeks’ Christchurch-based older sister, Sara Weeks, told The Press yesterday that her family was still clinging onto hope.

However, ‘‘when you put two and two together ... it's not looking good’’.

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