An extra hour of filming

16:00, Mar 14 2014

Movie-makers will be given a precious extra hour this year as they rush to make a winning film in just a single weekend.

Every year hundreds of film-makers compete across New Zealand in the 48Hours competition, where teams have just 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a winning movie.

But this year, the shoot weekend coincides with the clocks going back for daylight saving, giving teams a magical extra hour to perfect their films.

Christchurch city manager Andrew Todd said teams should use the extra hour wisely.

"Daylight saving gives us a chance to sneakily add an extra hour of filming time. It is still called 48Hours, but there's an extra hour now," he said.

"It will be good for people that always say: ‘Just an extra hour and it would have been perfect.' Hopefully, it will mean that no one will be late. But, the thing about this competition is the work expands to fill the time provided."


The films will be shot over the first weekend in April and teams have until the end of this month to register.

Teams are given elements including lines of dialogue and props to include in their film at the starting line on Friday evening and have until 7pm on Sunday evening to complete the movie. One hundred and twenty teams competed in Christchurch last year.

The Christchurch films will be screened in heats at the Reading Cinema in the Palms Shopping Centre in Shirley.

The best films will proceed to a city final, with the city winner competing in a national final held in Auckland.

Christchurch films will be judged by an international panel of experts, including Badass Digest managing editor Meredith Borders, Alamo Drafthouse creative director Henri Mazza and actor Noah Segan, who has appeared in Looper and Breaking Bad.

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