Roadworks dust is ruining business

02:50, Apr 01 2014
Moorhouse Ave dust
MOORHOUSE AVE: Traffic kicks up dust on Moorhouse Ave. Car dealers want

Clouds of dust engulf car dealerships as road workers rip up Moorhouse Ave. 

Both sides of the road have been ripped up between the Lincoln Rd intersection and Selwyn St since Sunday night. 

Car dealer Grant McLellan said there were no speed restrictions in place and heavy traffic was coating his business in thick dust. 

Grant McLellan car dealer
DUSTY BUSINESS: Grant McLellan of GM European Cars wipes dust off a car in his yard on Moorhouse Ave.

''We've got three lanes of traffic going 50 to 60kmh along here,'' he said. ''My yard's an absolute mess.'' 

McLellan said it would cost him about $4000 to get the 40 cars on the lot groomed again when the dusty roadworks stopped. 

He did not know why the road was being ripped up when he could see nothing wrong with it. 


''They're ripping up roads that don't need to be when there's a whole lot of roads that are 50 times worse,'' he said. 

Neighbouring car dealer Leon Powell said his business had stopped altogether. The interior and exterior of 30 cars were coated and dust had settled inside his office. 

''It's hard enough as it is these days without things like this,'' he said.

''We're not in a position to sell a car - who would want to buy them in this condition.''

McLellan said he was not too lazy to clean the cars, but a few minutes later they were covered again. 

''It's beyond cleaning,'' he said. ''In the time it takes some poor bugger to wipe it down, it's dirty again.'' 

McLellan and Powell said they expected the road to be kept damp while the works were creating so much dust, and a speed restriction was a must. 

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