Top EQC official leaving

04:13, Apr 02 2014
Bruce Emson
LEAVING EQC: The Earthquake Commission's Christchurch-based customer services general manager, Bruce Emson, is leaving the organisation at the end of the month.

One of the Earthquake Commission's (EQC) top officials is leaving the organisation.

An EQC spokesman today confirmed Christchurch-based customer services general manager Bruce Emson was leaving at the end of the month.

No other detail was given.

Emson took up the role in October 2011, having worked for Shell Oil for 30 years and NZ Bus until March 2011.

The position was created a month after chief executive Ian Simpson said communication with claimants could have been better and the commission would improve customer service.

Emson told The Press at the time that EQC had focused more on process than claimants, leaving different parts of the organisation operating in isolation.


''I'm a [commission] customer myself and right now I'm not a particularly happy one,'' he said.

In June last year, he told The Press working for EQC ''ain't fun''.

His home address ''out east'' and phone number had been made public and he was being door-knocked or called about three times a week.

''This is the least fun I've had in my life. I can't go to the supermarket, I can't play golf on Saturday, [or] go for a walk on the beach without someone accosting me.''

He felt the criticism directed at EQC staff was unfair.

''Abuse me, take me apart, that's my job. I am EQC - they [the staff] are human beings,'' Emson said.

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