Safety warning as clean-up begins

03:00, Apr 19 2014
Fairfield and Riverlaw flooding
IN DEEP WATER AGAIN: Heavy rain in Christchurch overnight caused the Heathcote River to burst its banks, flooding Fairfield and Riverlaw terraces.
Heathcote river flooding
LIKE A LAKE: Water from the flooded Heathcote River spreads as far as the eye can see around Fairfield and Riverlaw terraces in Christchurch.
Blaketown roof repairs
QUICK FIX: Blaketown resident Stacey Campbell and her brother-in-law, Jimmy, make emergency repairs to her garage roof after the skylight was smashed and one wall was blown off in yesterday's savage winds.
Aynsley Rd flooding
ROAD BLOCKED: Motorists have been performing a lot of U-turns in at the corner of Aynsley and Opawa roads (Christchurch), said resident Brenda Dew.
Eastern tce flooding
HEATHCOTE HORROR: Flooding is back at the corner of Eastern Tce after the Heathcote River, Christchurch burst its banks again after severe rain.
Landslip on Centaurus Road
DESTRUCTION: Today's severe storm caused a landslip on Centaurus Rd, Huntsbury, Christchurch.
Tree down on Eastern Tce
FELLED: A tree crashes down onto powerlines in Eastern Tce, Christchurch.
Tony Jolliffe Flockton Basin
FAMILIAR FEELING: Tony Jolliffe, a resident of the Flockton Basin Christchurch, for 60 years, watches on as his home suburb floods yet again.
Harrison St flooding
DESERTED: A Flockton Basin resident wanders down a flooded Harrison St, Christchurch.
Carrick St flooding
FLOODED: Christchurch's Carrick St looks more like a river after this morning's heavy rain.
Trees down by Buller bridge
RIPPED OUT ROOTS: Trees down on the Esplanade beside the Buller bridge on the West Coast.
Wellies during flooding
'NEVER SEEN IT LIKE THIS BEFORE': Rainwater rises to the ankles in Leithfield, Canterbury.
Destroyed Greymouth plane hangars
WINGS CLIPPED: A private plane suffered some damage after hangars at Greymouth Airport were destroyed in the storm.
Destroyed Greymouth Airport hangar
BIG CLEAN-UP AHEAD: Private plane hangers at Greymouth Airport were completely destroyed in raging winds on the West Coast.
Diamond Harbour powerlines
EMERGENCY WORK: Linesmen work on power lines brought down by a felled tree in Diamond Harbour, Banks Peninsula.
Eastern tce floods
MAKING THE MOST OF IT: Children on Eastern Tce play in the floodwater at their gate.
Greymouth Municipal Band hall
ROOF GONE: The Greymouth Municipal Band hall in Blaketown was completely destroyed in yesterday's storm.
Canterbury Street Lyttelton floods
GUSHING: Rainwater rushes down Canterbury St, Lyttelton.
Palatine Tce floods
SURVEYING DAMAGE: Palatine Tce became part of Heathcote river this morning.
Eastern Terrace willow tree
PRECARIOUS: A large willow came down over the power lines on Eastern Tce in front of Georgia Grey's house
Phil McVicar's Blaketown home
EMERGENCY REPAIRS: Phil McVicar's Blaketown home gets a quick fix after raging winds tore apart the West Coast.
South Island Easter storm
A car crushed by fallen trees on Hackthorne Rd, Cashmere.
Easter storm South Island
Richmond Hill Road the day after the Good Friday storm.
South Island Easter storm
Road washed away in Parapara, Golden Bay.
South Island Easter Storm
Coasters use a bit of Kiwi ingenuity to hold a roof down in Fairdown Rd, Westport.
UPSET: The local Blake Town dairy without a roof, an upset owner standing with his shop.
BLOWN AWAY: A small office blown off the wharf, then swept across the Blaketown lagoon, coming to rest on the opposite river bank.

Residents and council are in clean up mode after severe storms hit the city yesterday.

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Christchurch City Council and associated agencies were today managing the effects of the adverse weather.

A council spokesperson said people travelling should take extra care with debris and potholes that may have been caused by rain and surface water.

Geotechnical consultants were monitoring known risk areas. Weather had caused slips in Lyttleton and on Scarborough Rd in Sumner.

"The council is asking people in hillside areas to be vigilant, and keep an eye out for any telltale signs of land instability."


This included new cracking to land, buildings, driveways or path, existing cracks that get longer, wider or deeper, leaning or bulging of retaining walls and rockfalls.

Meanwhile Banks Peninsula residents were requested to conserve water as the weather may still impact on local streams and affect water quality.

Water supply has been restored to Lyttelton following the burst water pipe that supplied the Quarry Reservoir.

It was also possible that some remaining flood-waters may be contaminated.

"The council says to avoid the water where possible or make sure you wash your hands and remove and wash all wet clothing."

Orion was struggling to return power to about 400 customers in Banks Peninsula, a spokesman said.

Fallen trees had caused access issues to some properties so it was unclear when all power would be restored.

Areas in Diamond Harbour, Little River and Akaroa were affected. Another outage in St Martins was being worked on, the spokesman said.

Acting General Manager for the council's city environment group Terry Howes said the major issue was land stability. The rain had caused a number of slips around the city - the most serious of which was in Lyttleton. 

He said there were no real problems over night and only a handful of homes in Flockton and in the Port Hills had been seriously affected by the floods.

"By and large people were managing. We had isolated properties that got inundated with water but a lot of people have their sandbags from the last flooding."

He said while the flooding was frustrating for those who had been affected before, the major problem was land stability.

"That's the priority, we want to make sure that we have the roads open."

Most of the roads that were closed yesterday would be open today, he said.

Both police and fire services had not received any serious calls from homeowners due to the storms. Trees had been blown over and they would be cleared if they were causing any danger, he said.

"But we want to give those guys who have worked 24 hours non stop to get some rest."

The weather forecast was good for the next couple of days which would allow the roads to get back to normal by the time people went back to work, he said.

However in Banks Peninsula and Akaroa there were some minor concerns about water safety.

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