Man died after fall from bar stool

A coroner has determined the death of an intoxicated man at the Sandridge Hotel in Sydenham was an accident.

John Robert Fallows, a Christchurch processor, fell from a bar stool while drinking and playing on gaming machines at the bar in June 2013.

In the report compiled by coroner David Crerar, Fallows, 61, was described as a heavy drinker and was not in good health at the time of his injury.

He fell twice inside the bar and was asked to leave due to intoxication.

Fallows then fell again in the parking lot and did not regain consciousness.

Cause of death was found to be pneumonia, which complicated a severe and traumatic blunt-force head injury that caused Fallows to fall into a coma.

At the time of his injury, Fallows had 236 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood in his system.

The coroner found no evidence of fault in the medical care Fallows received, nor the actions of the Sandridge Hotel staff and attending emergency services.

Fallows died on July 11, 2013, without regaining consciousness.

The Press