Appeal angers victim's mum

23:49, Apr 28 2014
Jacqui Miles
WORST NIGHTMARE: Jacqui Miles with a picture of her slain son Hayden.

The grieving mother of slain Christchurch teen Hayden Miles is "disgusted and angry" his killer is allowed to appeal against his conviction and sentence.

Jacqui Miles believes Gavin Gosnell's non-parole term should be increased for "putting us all through this" and wasting taxpayer's money.

Hayden, 15, was beaten to death at a Christchurch flat before his body was dismembered in 2011.

Gosnell, 29, was last year convicted of the teenager's murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 18 years.

At trial, he admitted the dismemberment but his defence to the murder accusation was that the boy's death was manslaughter.

He later filed an appeal against his conviction and sentence. The case was scheduled to be heard at the Court of Appeal in Wellington, at 10am today.


Miles said Gosnell had caused pain and suffering to her family by killing "my precious only son" and then hiding his remains - discovered 111 days later in two cemetery graves.

"We all miss Hayden so much and every day we try to block out of our mind what this monster did to him. We have to, otherwise we wouldn't be able to carry on with daily activities.

"Gosnell should accept his punishment and try to find remorse. Our family has suffered enough."

Miles said she was "disgusted and angry" he was able to appeal his sentence.

"I have chosen not to go to the appeal as I know our family has no input to the judges' decision and we can only hope that they see this for what it is - a waste of taxpayers' money."

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