Victim has no memory of bashing

06:18, Apr 30 2014
Nic Peters
NO MEMORY: Nic Peters was bashed so badly in St James Park in Papanui that he needed a metal plate put in his eye socket.

A Christchurch man needed a metal plate put in his eye socket after an assault that he cannot remember.

Nic Peters, 28, was bashed in Papanui last Thursday and had surgery on his face today. Police are looking for three men in relation to the attack.

Peters suffered a fractured jaw, nose and eye socket and a dislocated shoulder during the assault, which happened about 7pm in Papanui's St James Park.

He had surgery to insert metal plates under his right eye to repair the damaged socket.

Peters did not remember much from the day.

Doctors told Peters his memory loss was linked to the attack. ''It's not rocket science, it's from getting kicked in the face,'' Peters said.


He had been at the Phoenix Bar on Main North Rd playing pool and said he and a friend had shared a drink or two.

He left sometime before 5pm with a woman, though he did not remember who she was. He lived nearby and the park was on his regular route home.

The last thing he remembered was the men asking for his cigarettes. When he asked for them back that seemed to trigger the attack.

Next thing he knew, Peters woke up in the ambulance asking ''what happened?''

''I remember waking up in the ambulance and asking what happened, then waking up in the trauma room in the hospital.''

The men also took his cellphone and wallet, so Peters hoped that might help trace them.

Detective Andrew Henderson said the woman Peters had left the bar with had alerted police to the assault about 7.30pm. Peters was missing about two hours of his memory from the day, Henderson said.

Peters said he was ''just annoyed, hurt and annoyed'' by the attack. ''It's just stupid and over nothing, for no apparent reason.''

''It could have been a lot worse though - I'm glad it was someone like me, not some old lady or a young girl.''

He thanked the passers-by who stopped and helped after the assault.

Henderson said he had spoken to the woman who Peters had left the bar with, but he would still like to speak to other people who might have seen something in the area.

The three men were described as Pacific Islanders. One was said to be about 20 to 25 years of age, stocky build and about 183cm tall (six foot). He was wearing a white hoodie, shorts and jandals.

A cyclist followed the men towards Blighs Rd, where they disappeared.

Henderson said the men likely lived in the area and people might have encountered them before.

Anyone with information on the assault or who might be able to help identify the men should contact police on (03) 363 7400 or 0800 555 111.

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