Pie shop's window shattered by shotgun blast

A baker is lucky to have avoided a shot fired through the window of a rural Canterbury pie shop.

The shotgun blast shattered the window and a pie warmer at The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop, about 60 kilometres west of Christchurch, at 4am yesterday.

Co-owner Loretta Paterson said a staff member was working in the back of the Main West Rd building at the time, out of the line of fire.

"It's lucky no one was injured," she said.

Police had recovered what appeared to be part of a shotgun shell casing.

The baker thought the oven had "exploded" when he heard the shot, which also woke some residents.

"It's a bit scary . . . I think a lot of the locals were quite shocked by it as well," Paterson said.

When he looked up there was dust everywhere, she said.

He called police, then raised the alarm with Paterson and her husband, Shane.

Paterson believed the attack was a "senseless act", and hoped it was a one-off.

"I think it was just somebody out to vandalise something. Hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else," she said.

Nothing was taken from the store.

"It was an inconvenience. Equipment can be replaced, nobody was hurt - that's the main thing. It could've been a lot worse," she said.

Shane Paterson said had it been moments later another front-of-house staff member would have started work and been behind the pie warmer loading it up.

He was concerned someone was driving around with a loaded firearm.

"They could've fired it at anything. It could have been a house."

The incident did not affect trade, with the window repaired later that day and a "back-up" pie warmer was on hand.

Police inquiries are continuing.

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