Tea party toast to royal baby

CELEBRATION: Vanessa Wood threw a surprise tea party to mark the royal birth.
CELEBRATION: Vanessa Wood threw a surprise tea party to mark the royal birth.

Vanessa Wood stayed up all night waiting for the news that the royal baby had arrived.

So when she heard that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first child was born, she baked and decorated a plate of blue-iced cupcakes to celebrate - then held a "surprise" lunch for her family to mark the occasion.

Wood said her husband, Quentin, often mocked her love for all things royal, but her 10-year-old daughter - whose middle name was Diana - had inherited her passion.

The Rangiora resident has been a keen follower of the British royal family since Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana got married when she was 10 years old.

"From the moment I saw [Diana], I was just captivated and it just stayed with me through my whole life."

She enjoyed the "pageantry and tradition" of the monarchy and the way big events such as Kate and William's wedding in 2011 were able to bring people together in celebration.

She was not just there for the good times though, but followed the family through all their ups and downs, including death and divorce.

"It shows they are just like us, even though you don't wish all those things on people."

She felt William and Kate would be good for the monarchy's future because they were "modern".

"I just adore William, more than Kate because I don't feel like we know her yet. I think they're going to do wonders for the new monarchy when he becomes king and Kate, being a commoner like Diana, brings in a freshness."

Wood said she did not care what they decided to name their new baby, but admitted she had "secretly" been hoping for a girl "so we could see our Queen Diana one day".

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