I've had lots and lots of beer - driver

KAIAPOI: The drunk driver nearly crashed as he left the Kaikanui Tavern.
KAIAPOI: The drunk driver nearly crashed as he left the Kaikanui Tavern.

A rebuild worker who nearly crashed as he drove out of a Kaiapoi pub car park admitted to police: "I've had beer; lots and lots of beer."

The roadside breath-alcohol check showed that Glenn Douglas Ivory-Ryder, 29, had a dangerous level of 1186 micrograms of alcohol to a litre of breath, the Christchurch District Court was told today.

Judge Alistair Garland told him: "Your level was nearly three times the legal limit. You were well and truly in that very high-risk category of drink-drivers who are most likely to kill yourself or someone else on the road."

Police were on the scene as Ivory-Ryder drove out of the Kaikanui Tavern about 1.30am on June 1 and have said their patrol car was almost hit as he nearly hit the kerb and over-corrected with a swerve into the wrong lane.

He told police that he had had "lots and lots of beer".

Defence counsel Paul Norcross said Ivory-Ryder had obviously drunk too much while he was at the pub watching rugby.

He was living in Christchurch and working on the rebuild as a self-employed painter and interior decorator while his family, including five children, lived in Wanganui.

Ivory-Ryder had one previous conviction for drink-driving, in 2002.

Norcross said he had asked Ivory-Ryder whether he had a drinking problem and he had replied that he did not think so. He had stayed out of trouble since 2002, and since this incident.

"This appears to be something of an aberration," Norcross said.

Judge Garland said there needed to be rehabilitation as well as punishment.

He disqualified Ivory-Ryder from driving for 10 months, put him on supervision for nine months and ordered him to attend a driver education course as directed by his probation officer.

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