Pianos play out final memorial tune

Katrina King and Rodney Ridgen take their sledgehammers to a piano as part of the Greendale Shake-Up event.

Three pianos played their last tune, as they were smashed by Greendale residents during their earthquake memorial activities.

Provincial Chambers a long-term fix gallery

The timber section of the Canterbury Provincial Chambers withstood the earthquakes better than the stone buildings.

The Canterbury Provincial Chambers are among the most badly quake-damaged buildings in Christchurch being restored.

Living on the edge

Not exactly park land. The red zone that was  Courtenay Downs is uneven and the grass patchy.

Hardy Kaiapoi residents have stayed on despite damage from the September quakes.

Hororata businesses find life tough after earthquake video

Hororata Motors owner Margaret Ellis has put her shop on the market due to a lack of business post-quake.

The aftermath of the September 4, 2010, earthquake has been tough for Hororata, say residents.

The big question: Is it all over yet?

Visiting professor Kevin Furlong from Pennsylvania State University in the United States looks at the fault west of Burnham that ruptured causing the September 4, 2010 earthquake.

Scientists are cautiously optimistic the worst of Canterbury's recent earthquake sequence may now be over.

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