'I'll believe it when I see it'

EQC have closed Mandy Fraser's claim, but have not repaired up to a 'when new' standard as they are legally required to do.

Homeowners expect a fight to have earthquake repairs reviewed and fixed to "when new" standard. Mandy Fraser is one of them.

Battle over LWR site

Lane Walker Rudkin Industries went bust in 2009.

Receivers for one of fraudster Ken Anderson's companies sue insurers of the LWR owner's former premises.

Crown waits for land payout

The Crown is yet to receive a settlement offer for its red-zoned land.

The Crown is still waiting for an estimated $330 million offer from EQC for thousands of red-zoned properties.

'An absolute nightmare'

EQC has apologised to Helen MacDonald and her family.

Helen and Josh MacDonald purchased their home in 2012. They thought it was repaired. It wasn't.

Zoning no factor in settlements video

Labour's Megan Woods says EQC clients are receiving "mixed messages".

No correlation between Christchurch red-zoning decisions and land damage settlement offers, EQC says.

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