Rebuilding stone by stone

Repairs are now under way at the Church of Holy Innocents near Peel Forest, with Irish stonemason John McGaughey working ...

 A third generation stonemason from Northern Ireland visits Mount Peel to strengthen the Church of the Holy Innocents.

Educator receives special honour

Jacqueline Duncan has spent 44 years teaching and has been a principal for 29 years.

Jacqueline Duncan knew exactly what to do when the earth started moving under her feet.

Otakaro changes no 'big deal'

Gerry Brownlee has signed off on what the Labour Party is calling "back room" changes to Otakaro Limited's constitution.

The Crown-owned company no longer has to "deliver" Christchurch's anchor projects, only "add value" to them.

Flooding normal at memorial site

An image shared on the Rebuild Christchurch Facebook page over the weekend appeared to show flooding at the site of the ...

Flooding at the site of Christchurch's earthquake memorial over the weekend will not be an isolated incident, the Crown says.

The liquefaction under the floor video

Paul Gilbertson has had 34 tonnes of liquefaction removed from under his house.

34 tonnes of liquefaction and water was removed from a Christchurch man's rotting, quake-damaged home.

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