Meet the unapologetic scientist

GeoNet boss Ken Gledhill at the offices in Avalon, Wellington.

Earthquakes are geophysics in action and an endless source of fascination to GeoNet boss Dr Ken Gledhill.

Quake zoning 'human rights breach'

Ralph Bungard had to wait years for certainty about his red-zoned home and his stress levels to fall.

Red-zoning of Christchurch quake land infringed human rights, report says.

Lessons not learnt, says CTV widower.

Maan Alkaisi lost his wife in the CTV Building collapse. He says he's angry that we're still making the same mistakes in ...

A Christchurch man, grieving his wife who died in the CTV building's collapse, questions whether New Zealand has learned anything from the earthquake.

A dog, a ute and a radio gallery video

Gideon Couper: "I just see a variety of repairs that would boggle your mind."

You too can make a mint as a builder in post-quake Canterbury. All you need is a dog, a ute and radio.

18 lights, one Chch junction video

The upgraded Tuam St and High St has 19 traffic light poles, which has been called "kinda overkill".

Could this be New Zealand's most over-engineered junction?

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