Living in a wasteland video

Helen and Alec Durie outside their uninsured red zone property.

Alec and Helen Durie live on a street with no name, and they are the last remaining residents.

Red zoners back to court over compo terms

Phyllis and Michael Thom found they had accidentally not insured their red-zoned house.

Owners of vacant, commercial and uninsured red zone properties will get more money under a new deal.

EQC revamp plan threats

The 1979 Abbotsford landslip resulted in compensation for land damage being added to the EQC scheme.

The revamp of earthquake insurance could see EQC allowed to pay claims to banks rather than homeowners.

Council claws back rebuild power

Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel.

The Christchurch City Council clawed back some power from the Government days before a new quake rebuild plan was released.

Photos: the residential red zone gallery

The view through a broken window of an abandoned house in red-zoned suburb of Bexley near New Brighton.

You've seen the city's crumbled cathedral and empty lots. But have you seen the suburbs?

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