Videos to cheer up quake-weary Cantabrians

Videos featuring The Court Theatre Jesters are aiming to wrest reluctant chuckles from Christchurch residents dealing with post-earthquake stresses.

Fix It Building Services approached the Jesters to come up with vignettes that would cheer up those frustrated by the rebuild, Jester manager Kirsty Gillespie said.

The skits were based on the personal experiences of cast members Jared Corbin, Lizzie Tollemache and Dave Ladderman, who were filmed "wearing a variety of wigs and very ugly costumes".

"We brainstormed and within the space of about an hour, we'd come up with heaps of different scenarios. Then it was a matter of clarifying which ones were going to be universal", Gillespie said.

The first video depicted a "poor aggrieved client", played by Gillespie, dealing with insouciant insurance company staff.

"The rest of the actors all got to have fun. I just had to look anguished", she said.

"We weren't trying to have a go specifically at insurance companies or EQC, but we wanted to acknowledge the reality for a huge number of Christchurch people."

"We wanted to look at it in a fun way. If you didn't, you'd slit your wrists."

Fix It today released a second video poking fun at home assessments.

The Press