Wine and Spuds

Last updated 16:32 17/02/2012
Progress on the City Mall work in readiness for opening. The north side of the development where Shades Arcade used to be.

The north side of the City Mall development where Shades Arcade used to be.

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What I miss

What do I miss? So much.

In terms of places, I miss my favourite watering holes - Sticky Fingers for after work drinks and The Bard for pints with my husband and friends.

I miss the baked potato place in Shades Arcade. I had just filled up my loyalty card so was looking forward to my free potato.

I miss the General Store where I got lots of presents for friends' birthdays.

I miss the view from my office, 16 stories up facing west towards the mountains.

I miss knowing where all the traffic bottlenecks would be.

Emotionally, I miss feeling secure in my surroundings. I hate having to think twice, three times before leaving the house to make sure I have enough food / milk for my boy in case something happens. I hate the way my teeth are permanently clenched. I hate the regular dreams about quakes and their consequences. I hate seeing the cracks in our house and driveway get wider with every decent shake and I hate that I live waiting for the next big one to happen.

Most of all I miss the laid back Christchurch of old. The city is full of anxious people, pushed to their limits by a relentless mother nature and by EQC. The driving has got more aggressive and people seem less tolerant. Nothing feels right here anymore.