A reminder of a shattered city

A bronze family statue, a rubble mountain, an enormous Port Hills sculpture and a second Bridge of Remembrance have been suggested as earthquake memorials.

The Press received dozens of readers' proposals after an article in Mainlander on Saturday discussed how to remember the destruction and death caused by the quakes.

One of the most popular was to leave the Christ Church Cathedral in ruins.

However, others believed the city needed a secular memorial, and suggested the Provincial Council buildings.

Another popular idea was to preserve the twisted pedestrian bridge over the Avon River at Medway St, with some wanting it moved to a central site.

Turning the CTV and the PGC sites into parks was also backed by several readers.

Some people believed it was too soon to discuss a memorial. One reader wondered if there was any chance of getting a full assessment on their house first, because it was enough of a reminder.

Brooke McKenzie suggested a full-size bronze statue of a mother, father, daughter and son, linking arms. McKenzie said their faces should be looking to the rising sun, which would depict a bright future and families holding firm.

One reader suggested building a hill in Hagley Park from the rubble of Christchurch buildings.

"We could sit on it for concerts in the park, walk on it, fly gliders off it, or just sit and contemplate.''

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