Poet gifts tunes for quake-hit kindys

20:24, Aug 23 2011
Connor Bryce, left, Mathias Gerrand and Larkin South
Connor Bryce, left, Mathias Gerrand and Larkin South enjoy the classical music.

Three Christchurch musicians are entertaining children at earthquake-hit kindergartens, courtesy of a donation from a poet.

The group, led by Christchurch Symphony Orchestra violinist Cathy Irons, played at the Kidsfirst Kindergarten in North New Brighton yesterday - one of four kindergartens they are visiting this week.

Irons performed with daughter Carolyn, a clarinet player, and trumpet player Thomas Eves.

Cathy Irons
Cathy Irons explains the intricacies of playing the violin to New Brighton preschoolers.

The visit was organised by Christchurch poet Diana Neutze, who wanted to give to a quake-related cause.

"She loves music and she wanted it [the money] to go to the arts, so she got in touch to me to see if I could help out," Irons said.

Head teacher Wendy McAra said the performance had "lifted the spirits" of children and teachersn.


The kindergarten had closed for seven weeks after the February quake because of concerns about the building and was forced to close again for a week after the June 13 aftershocks, she said.

"It's been quite a year for us, but our children have been really resilient."

William Foubister, 4, said his favourite instrument was the violin, closely followed by the trumpet and its "funny sounds".

Francesca Tohiariki, 4, also liked the trumpet's "funny noises", while the violin had "lots of tunes".

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