Scribe's quake-inspired remake goes viral

Christchurch rapper Scribe's quake-inspired remake of his 2003 hit single Not Many is racing through social network websites.

The How Many Cities music video on YouTube shows Scribe, whose real name is Jeshua Ioane Luafutu, travelling around the central city red zone, and a host of residents' faces, including Mayor Bob Parker.

It is being shared widely through Facebook and Twitter.

The "reinvigorated" version of New Zealand's biggest-selling single is the result of a cooperation between the artist and Bank of New Zealand (BNZ).

BNZ said it aimed to acknowledge the events of the last year, featuring the lyrics "How many cities you know that roll like this? Not many, if any."

"It also reminds the world that Christchurch has endured an extraordinary 12 months and whilst a herculean effort is still required to rebuild the future, Cantabrians are ready and up for it."

On YouTube, the remake was billed as "a moving tribute to the resilience of Cantabrians who have lived through over 8,500 quakes in the past year".

"This remake of Scribe's double platinum record Not Many celebrates the strength, the courage, the pride and the incredible spirit of the people."

Sale proceeds from iTunes and Kiwi music website Amplifier are going to Plunket Christchurch.

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