Deadline looms for claim info

19:35, Oct 17 2011

Two-thirds of Canterbury earthquake contents claims are incomplete as an Earthquake Commission (EQC) deadline for submitting information looms.

The EQC has promised to settle all outstanding contents claims by Christmas – as long as claimants submit their full schedule of contents, including serial numbers, photographs, valuations and receipts, by October 24.

Figures released to The Press under under the Official Information Act showed that at September 15 there were 110,740 unsettled contents claims, with 73,614 requiring more information.

In recent weeks, the commission has made thousands of calls to hurry along claimants who need to provide further details.

EQC chief executive Ian Simpson estimated that between a quarter and a third of claims would not progress further because of ineligibility, the claim was below the $200 excess or the person no longer wanted to pursue it.

"Contents claims require a greater level of customer input than building claims because ... the customer needs to provide the evidence to support a contents claim, including a schedule of contents," he said.


The latest EQC figures showed that on September 15 there were more than 92,000 outstanding contents claims relating to quakes before June 13, 9300 fewer pre-June 13 claims than three months earlier.

There were 17,207 outstanding claims from September 4 last year, about 3000 fewer than three months earlier.

Further information was required for 55,000 claims from the September 4, 2010, and February 22 quakes.

Almost 18,000 contents claims were unsettled from June 13's twin shakes.

The EQC has increased its contents claims team to more than 200 people.

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