Carpets, drapes payouts on hold

18:49, Nov 03 2011

Payments for carpets and drapes in earthquake-damaged Canterbury homes have been suspended because of legal issues, the Earthquake Commission says.

The commission said the suspension was because of legal issues over whether it could pay out on undamaged carpet or drapes and if fixed carpets or built-in drapes were contents or part of the house.

"Contents and property claims that include carpets or drapes are being settled in part, with the specific claims for curtains and drapes on hold until our position is clear, and this may mean that some parts of a contents claim are not paid out until after Christmas," a spokesman said.

The commission said it understood the frustration it was causing some claimants but asked for their patience.

"We will continue to process and settle parts of claims which don't include curtains and drapes in the meantime."

McKenzie and Willis design services manager Karen Powers said that to fit out an average Christchurch home with carpets and drapes would cost several thousand dollars.

"The cost could easily go up to the tens of thousands for a large home," she said.


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