Christchurch seen as century-shaping


Christchurch has been listed as one of the top global cities that will shape the next century by United States magazine Foreign Policy.

The list of 16 cities most worth watching was compiled by Harvard University economist Edward Glaeser and Columbia University sociologist Saskia Sassen.

"A massive rebuilding effort following this year's New Zealand earthquake is a unique opportunity to rethink urban form," Glaeser said of Christchurch, which sits at No 9, after Sao Paulo in Brazil and before London.

Singapore sits at the top.

The island state was "surely the world's best-managed city'', Glaeser said. ''It's always worth watching what they are up to because they provide a clear model for much of the world." 

New York, at No 7, still mattered because of the Wall Street protests and a new science campus on Roosevelt Island, he said.

The top 10 urban centres that will shape the next century are: Singapore, Gurgaon (India), Cairo, Hong Kong-Shenzhen, Athens, Vancouver, New York, Sao Paulo, Christchurch and London.

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