Shadowboard mural sees the light of day

09:19, Dec 20 2011
TRICK PHOTO: Alberta Hall, 9, photographs her brother, Alec, 7, at Wayne Youle's 300 square metre artwork in Colombo St, Christchurch.

After 50 litres of concrete primer, 180 litres of paint and 300 square metres of paper, artist Wayne Youle's giant shadowboard has moved into the light.

The work, officially unveiled yesterday on a concrete wall in Colombo St, Sydenham, is titled I seem to have temporarily misplaced my sense of humour.

It contains 95 black silhouettes and more than 10,000 dots on a yellow background, representing a shadowboard of tools for Christchurch's rebuild.

Youle spent three weeks creating the work.

"This mural is for all those who lent their tools and their hands to all who needed help," he said.

"Also, to all those who lost something in the quakes, no matter what that something may have been, don't lose your sense of humour and ability to smile."

He said he was inspired by his grandfather's shadowboard and the fix-it attitude of Sydenham and of the city in general.

The project is a collaboration by the Christchurch Art Gallery and Gap Filler.


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