Drone footage shows quake-ravaged Christchurch suburb video


Drone footage of Avonside, shot in March 2015 by Jimmy Ryan of orangemedia.co.nz

New aerial drone video has emerged, showing the remains of one of Christchurch's quake-stricken riverside suburbs. 

Jimmy Ryan filmed the video on March 21, 2015 in the remains of Avonside in Christchurch and uploaded it to Youtube. The full video is posted further down this page. 

"It was an amazing flight. I tried to keep as simple as possible to let the footage do the talking."

The Avonside community, and especially Avonside Drive and River Road, was one of the most affected areas from the 4 September 2010 earthquake and sustained further damage in the subsequent quakes. 

It took Ryan just over an hour to shoot the footage on his $3000 machine.

"I've been wanting to do it for a while but I couldn't motivate myself."

With a "rough idea" of where he wanted to go, Ryan had a look online via CERA for a map of the "big chunk".

He went into filming with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised with the result.

"You often don't know what you've shot until you bring it down to the computer. That's when you see the really good stuff."

Ryan said he would be keen to venture into the CBD and new building sites for future filming.

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Set to Coldplay's  Fix YouChris Martin sings "tears stream down your face, when you lose something you cannot replace ..." as the eerie drone footage takes viewers along the river and over the red zone.

Neglected pavements and sandy and bare sections are a stark reminder of the earthquake's impact and the liquefaction that destroyed properties.

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Christchurch City Council resources show there are 1314 households in Avonside. Of these about 50 percent are in the red zone.

Where some homes once stood, grass flourishes - as do the trees left behind and that once brought privacy to properties and divided neighbours.

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