Apartments demolished at speed

03:39, Jun 08 2012
Terrace on the Park
SOUGHT-AFTER: Terrace on the Park apartments.

A new timelapse video shows the speedy demolition of the quake-hit Terrace on the Park apartments in Christchurch.

The film was shot over six days by Christchurch camera operator and producer Joe Morgan, who is making a documentary on demolition work.

Demolition of the Terrace on the Park apartment complex began in February. Two of the six buildings suffered major structural damage in the December 23 earthquake and were quickly pulled down.

Terrace on the Park
RED-STICKERED: Terrace on the Park suffered significant earthquake damage.

The timelapse video shows demolition of the final tower in the apartment complex.

Morgan also attached a small digital camera to the digger claw that pulled the building down to provide a unique view of the demolition.

Morgan needed Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) permission to be on site for health and safety reasons. However, Cera helped him get permission from the building owners to release the footage.

Morgan said his documentary will show why so many buildings have been demolished in Christchurch.

"It will show what the insides of some of these buildings look like and why they are being pulled down,'' he said.

"It also looks at the reasons and the methods used to pull them down.''


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