Brownlee fed up with 'moaning residents'

00:13, Sep 12 2012

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says he is "sick and tired" of technical category 3 (green-blue) residents "carping and moaning" about their situation.

He says residents have lost sight of the enormity of the earthquake disaster.

Brownlee made the comments in response to a survey of 689 TC3 residents that slated the performance of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, insurers, the Christchurch City Council and the Earthquake Commission.

He said the survey was "self-selecting" as it was accessible only to TC3 residents who had internet access and had the time to "buggerise around on Facebook all day".

It was only a small sample size, he aid. There were 27,000 people in TC3 land and only 10,000 of those were likely to need new foundations.

"I'm a TC3 resident myself and I'm sick of these people carping and moaning,'' he said.


''The constant suggestion that somehow we've abandoned these people or forgotten about them is just the most insulting thing they could possibly say."

Brownlee said agencies had done "a great deal of work" to get clarity on the city's land condition and all the land-zoning decisions were driven by science.

"They can be as grumpy as they like. I'm not making bad decisions for the future of Christchurch simply to meet the timelines some people are demanding,'' he said.

"In the end you could end up making bad decisions and it will still be our fault."

People were more "jumpy" because there had been a period of settled seismic activity, Brownlee said.

He knew some people were living in dire conditions and it was hard.

"I'd love to be able to fix all of that for people immediately, [but] we've got to get the science and engineering right on how to progress,'' he said.

"I'm sorry they are feeling neglected. This was a massive disaster and it's easy to lose sight of how big the problem has been."

There were seminars planned to put "all the issues out on the table one more time", he said.

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