Beck Eleven's guide to quake tourists sites

20:12, Oct 28 2012

In the philosophy of "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade",  we might as well show visitors what we've got and how Christchurch is progressing (or not) since September 2010.

A note on etiquette.

These things happened to our city and we have every right to show visitors the damage but employ common sense and manners.

People died or were badly injured in some of these places. Respect that.

Elsewhere, it's not a zoo and people still live in these areas. If they're home, say hello. Ask permission before taking photos.

If you're driving, pull over safely before inspecting. Be safe. Don't poke around houses that are red stickered or taped off.

Think about taking your toughest car, water, map, dust masks and a good constitution.



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