EQC frustrations inspire song

16:00, Dec 22 2012

A Christchurch band has written a song that parodies the many frustrations experienced by homeowners who are unhappy with the Earthquake Commission (EQC). 

Composed by William Hill, and performed by the Ashphalt Brothers Skiffle Band, the satirical song sends up the negative dealings Cantabrians have had with the EQC while trying to settle their claims. 

"C'mon EQC, what are you trying to do to me?" is the song's main chorus line. 

Actors in the video play out a mock telephone conversation with an EQC claims call centre operator. 

The lyrics include references to disputes between EQC and homeowners regarding the severity of some quake damage: "He said, 'You're definitely undercap, it's cosmetic - just a crack.'


"I said, 'That crack's four feet wide!'

"He said, 'Sir, that's for us to decide' ..." 

The song also bemoans the lengthy delays and difficulties experienced by TC3 homeowners and residents in Christchurch's eastern suburbs.

The band says the song is "a serious taking the mickey song, based on many experiences, plus the wealth of material that has flowed through our great local newspaper, The Press."

"We play this song at our gigs, the level of clapping says it all."

The song ends with the parting shot, "He said, 'Sir, we are here for you.'"

"If only that was true ..."

The Press