Unwilling landowners to get ultimatum

19:23, Aug 28 2012

Landowners unwilling to negotiate with the Government on central Christchurch blueprint buyouts will be told, "This is the offer, have a nice day", the earthquake recovery boss says.

Speaking on Newstalk ZB yesterday, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority chief executive Roger Sutton said most affected property owners were pleased with the process, and he denied post-quake market value offers were a "bum deal".

"I think the majority are really happy; absolutely," he said.

"Some people are always going to feel disaffected, some people will have already had plans and some people are going to use the media to try to negotiate with us as well."

Those unwilling to accept the deal would be given an ultimatum. "There will be a negotiation there, but eventually if we can't negotiate a deal there will be, ‘This is the offer, have a nice day'," Sutton said.

NG building owner Roland Logan, who is against compulsory acquisition, said he believed Sutton's view of the number of willing landowners was "grossly inaccurate".

About 100 disaffected landowners had contacted him."I bet you your bottom dollar you could times that by four or five with the people who are unhappy."


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