St Elmo Courts speedily demolished

16:00, Feb 21 2013
St Elmo Courts under demolition
St Elmo Courts under demolition
St Elmo Courts cracked
CRACKED: Damage was evident on the walls after the September 2010 quake.
St Elmo site - new plans
NEW PLANS: Designs have been drawn up for a new building for the corner of Hereford and Manchester St.

The much-loved St Elmo Courts were one of the first apartment complexes in the city.

The building on the corner of Hereford and Montreal St was built in 1930. The apartments were fully converted into offices in 1957.

However, the entire block was declared unsafe after the September 2010 earthquake.

It was then quickly demolished following the February 2011 quake. Being outside the central city red zone made access for demolition easy.

The new five-storey building, partially clad in copper, will be home to a large law firm and other tenants who want access to the nearby Christchurch City Council and Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority offices.


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