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Christchurch - 'like a dead city'

22:59, Feb 19 2013
Sol Square: Once part of a thriving city nightlife.

Reader Madhu Vasudevamurthy tells us what she likes, and does not like, about Christchurch two years after the February 2011 earthquake.

I like:

1. Christchurch rebuild driving NZ economy and reducing unemployment.

2. In 5 to 10 years, Christchurch will be a vibrant new city.

3. Christchurch can regain its reputation

I don't like (at the moment):


1. The amount of dust in Christchurch at the moment because of demolition and construction.

2. The constant road blocks and repairs on the roads.

3. The constant sound of machines and construction work near work place and home.

4. Not much to do in terms of entertainment.

5. It is now kind of a dead city.

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