reader report

Accepting abnormal as normal

You said one change. There have been many and one is too hard to limit it too.

In my community (Southshore) we have had nearly 200 homes red zoned, some of them on my fenceline. This has caused the fracturing of a community and I personally have lost several family members who have moved to other areas. I don't like being "the last Mac on the Spit".

The roads are so ghastly and I have stuffed the suspension on my old car. One pothole in the dark too many.

We have lost the use of the west-east access to the South Brighton bridge for about one year. This means about five kilometres added to the journey and lots of hold-ups and detours around the New Brighton and South Brighton area. It is a very convoluted route home.

The shops and restaurant/bar in Caspian St closed several months ago. This was a hard enough blow to the community but then the South Brighton shops on the beach side of Estuary Rd were forced to close. This means a trip nearly to New Brighton if we need anything after about 7pm as the sole remaining dairy at South Brighton finds it uneconomic to remain open without people stopping there.

Pizzas won't even be delivered to Southshore any more as they say the roads are too bad. I was gobsmacked when I heard this explanation. They don't deserve our business with this attitude.

Thanks for the opportunity to have a moan. People who live in the west largely have no idea of how life is in the east. I work in the west and am amazed at some of the things I hear people say.