Share your view on Chch leadership

21:30, Jul 07 2013
lianne dalziel
CHALLENGER: Christchurch mayoral candidate Lianne Dalziel.

Almost three years after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked their region, the people of Christchurch are relying on strong leadership more than ever. But what do they need?

Labour party MP Lianne Dalziel has thrown her hat into the ring but she faces no other candidates yet after the incumbent mayor, Bob Parker, announced he was not seeking re-election. 

What do you think Christchurch needs from its mayor and leadership as it faces the long road to recovery and rejuvenation?

What are the most important issues facing the city right now, and what should be on top of the soon-to-be elected mayor's agenda?

Should the residential rebuild be given priority over the central business district?

What should be done to speed up the recovery of the city's fractured infrastructure?

What would you do if you were the mayor of Christchurch?

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