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Chch leadership should focus on people

00:00, Jul 01 2013
Mayor Bob Parker is standing for another term at the upcoming local body elections

Stuff Nation readers offer their thoughts on what Christchurch needs from its mayor and leadership as it faces the road to recovery.

The mayor should be fixing homes, not the centre of the city.

Most businesses have moved to the suburbs so it's not worth wasting money on the town centre.

There are a lot of people that are living in sub-standard homes for the third winter since the February 2011 quake.

I think the people who live in the city should be more important than the city centre.

My family are one of the lucky ones that has not been affected.

However, I feel strongly about the people in the east and others that are homeless and having to fight with the government and insurance companies to get what they are owed.

If you pay your insurance you don't expect to have to fight for your rights. 

The current mayor is like the Government - promising you the earth and delivering nothing.