The future: What is next in your life following the quake?

21:26, Feb 02 2012
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IDEAS FOR THE FUTURE: Visitors to the recent Community Expo at the CBS Arena put ideas forward for the future of Christchurch city. To achieve a viable region a connection needs to be between the earthquake and the economy.

Abraham Lincoln once said "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time" and for many in Canterbury, that is exactly how they have coped with life after February 22.

Many have learnt that the future can take on a different shape than first thought, and hopes and dreams need to be adjusted to the new tomorrow.

For some, the Christchurch quake acted as a wake-up call; people re-evaluated their lives - relationships buckled under stress while others bonded closer; jobs were lost or left, families moved and people's priorities took on a different shape.

A year on, we want you to tell us not only what your future looks like, but what you believe will be the future for Christchurch.

Were you in Christchurch but have since moved? Did you live elsewhere but have now made Christchurch your home? When you look a year, two years or a decade on from now, what do you hope for - for yourself, those around you and the city of Christchurch?