The image remains: What one image from the quake stays with you?

04:47, Feb 03 2012
A man uses his cell phone in front of the collapsed Christ Church Cathedral following the Christchurch earthquake.

The Christchurch earthquake produced evocative images rarely seen in a usually peaceful nation.

The combination of the time the quake struck and the rise of technology meant images of quake damage, from seconds after it occurred, rippled around the world through mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, mobile phones and the internet.

Haunting photos and eerie video were caught by our own staff from The Press, many of whom were caught up as they escaped the crumbling CBD in clouds of dust.

Cantabrians also documented the destruction and damage themselves, creating blogs of their experiences, taking photos of their new reality to share with those on the outside.

Certain images became the posters for the hurt we felt; the haunting eyes of Shane Tomlin, the baker dragged from the rubble; the crumbled remains of the Christ Church Cathedral, as if a child had stomped through it like a sandcastle; the image of the dust rising over a city of ruins.

When you talk about the Christchurch quake, what printed image comes to mind? What photo will forever be front of mind when you think of February 22?