Christchurch Earthquake 2011

$1.72m for as-is-where-is house

A Christchurch home in as-is-where-is condition has sold for $1.72 million.

Post-earthquake Christchurch 'occupied territory'

christ church cathedral

For me, the post-disaster Christchurch is more comparable to post-WW2 occupied Berlin.

What can NZ learn from Japan about earthquakes?

What can New Zealand learn from Japan about earthquakes?

Christchurch earthquake: A son so sadly missed


Text messages were sent to all family members, all of them were answered ... except one.

Christchurch quake survivors 'bound by collective experiences'

Quake doco respectful, shocking, personal

OPINION: It was with a heavy heart that I began to watch last night's quake documentary The Day That Changed My Life.

Christchurch earthquake: Destructive and murderous


I was thrust up in the air, bike and all. It was so violent that I knew there would be souls lost.

Christchurch earthquake: The tower twisted like a pepper grinder


A deep rumble came from the ground below. We were blanketed by clouds of thick dust.

Christchurch earthquake: From red zone to dream home


When the quake claimed his suburb, Jimmy Banks made the best of a bad situation.

Christchurch quake: 'I thought you were dead, Mum'


She told me: "I saw the dust from the cliffs when they fell down and thought you must have died".

Centenarian sticks to her guns on home of 77 years

Margaret Woolley turns 100 this week. Her home of 77 years is pegged for demolition. She can't face it.

Christchurch earthquake: A long trip home

Christine Henry

For Christine Henry, February 22, 2011, was a cold, damp and eerie day.

Quake doco unsettling but enlightening

REVIEW: Last night's TVNZ earthquake documentary The Day that Changed My Life was unsettling but enlightening.

The 'terror began' on September 4, 2010


It is still hard to get your head around the enormity of what we have been through in Christchurch.

Free expert advice on quake claims offered

Insurance experts will offer advice to homeowners struggling with their earthquake claims at a meeting in Christchurch.

The longest 40 seconds of my life

ALL HOPE GONE: Rescuers called off the search of  the ruined CTV building yesterday after all hope of anyone being found alive was lost. Many more people are thought to lie buried in the rubble.

I could hear kids screaming. The terror of that noise I will never forget. They were so alone and so scared.

CTV victim's family awaiting a proper apology

Quake victim's family cannot forgive

The father of Yoko Suzuki says if the CTV building's designers admitted their fault and apologised he could forgive them.

Christchurch earthquake: 'Seconds later all hell let loose'

cashel mall

'Everything was in darkness as no light could get through the cloud of dust swirling.'

Quakes double number of stressed, anxious kids

Aftershocks and living in a highly strung environment takes toll on Canterbury's children.

Christchurch Civic Earthquake Memorial Service

Memorial service goers told "everything has changed except for the love, support and strength of Cantabrians".

River of Flowers: Tributes flow for quake victims

Floral display for quake anniversary

Christchurch's rivers have been transformed into flowing floral tributes as the city marks four years since its devastating earthquake.

Record turn out for Run to Remember

Record turn out for memorial event

Dreary conditions have proven no barrier to the 2200 people who have turned out for a Christchurch earthquake memorial run today. 

Cantabrians mark fourth anniversary of deadly quake

Cantabrians mark the fourth anniversary of the February 22, 2011 quake.

Mourning Shane, face of the quake

The haunting image of a man being pulled from the rubble was seen by millions around the world.

Christchurch quake survivors' lives irrevocably changed

Four years on, a new documentary explores the psychological impact of the Christchurch earthquakes on six survivors.

Christchurch 'looked like a war zone, shocked and scared people everywhere'

Christchurch Cathedral

There are moments you reflect on in life and February 22 will always be there, writes Dave Broughton.

The year insurers took a hit

Four years on from the February 22, 2011, earthquake the Christchurch insurance scene is much altered but intact.

Land settlements put EQC between a rock and a hard place

EQC between a rock and a hard place

EQC is arousing suspicion with its coming payouts for flood and liquefaction land damage. But is it just doing the right thing?

Christchurch: My first quake anniversary away from home

My first quake anniversary away from home

No matter how far away you move - your past will always follow. I can't take back what I saw on February 22.

Extraordinary new moves for earthquake survivor

After two years of willing his nerves to work, quake survivor Nick Walls made an extraordinary move.

Research: Quake claims result in health problems

Unsettled quake claims can lead to health issues and financial problems, research shows.

The Trapped: Where are they now?

For those who came close to death on February 22, 2011, tomorrow's anniversary remains too painful.

One man, one picture, every day for four years

The view into town when Jeff Peters collected The Press from his driveway every morning used to stay the same.

St Elmos Court owner bitter, angry, in debt

The owner of the new $17m St Elmos Court wishes he had never rebuilt the much-loved office block.

High-rise living with no power or water

Living alone in a red-zoned tower block

John Shrewsbury cooked on a Primus stove, used swimming pool water carried up eight flights of stairs in two buckets for the toilet cistern and kept a steel-shafted ice axe by the door in case the building partially collapsed and the door jammed shut.

Christchurch: Then and now

Before and after

Before and after pictures show how dramatically Christchurch has changed in the last four years.

1240 central Christchurch buildings demolished

Dentral Christchurch has seen four times as many demolitions as rebuilds since the earthquakes

The moment Christchurch changed forever

PGC Building

As the full force of the quake hit, Greg Cole recalls having a single thought: the building is going to collapse.

Development stalls on central city site

The quakes and now a lack of tenants have put an end to 60 years of inner city life for one Christchurch man.

Quake-shattered church a 'rare heritage survivor'

A heritage building shattered by February earthquake will be restored - but only if a tenant can be found.

'Sheer violence' of earthquake remembered by tattooist Matt Parkin

Life has been up and down for the owner of the tattoo parlour where Matti McEachen died.

Antigua St footbridge back over Avon River

The Antigua St footbridge has returned to arc over the Avon River once more.

No compensation for home lost in quake

Helen Kraal lost her home in the earthquakes but an insurance loophole means she won’t be fully compensated.

'I will always be indebted to my wife'

CTV building

Malcolm Harris left Christchurch's CTV building at 12.40pm on February 22, 2011, intending to go back.

'The second quake hit and we thought this was the end'

Our street was 'totally wrecked'


John Henry was in traffic for the first Christchurch quake in February 2011. Then the second one hit.

'I was at work when it happened. The world froze.'

The adverts saying what to do in an earthquake make it sound as if you have a choice, writes Tracy Woodfield.

February 22, 2011: Four years on

Manchester St February 22, 2011

Everyone in Christchurch on February 22, 2011, has a story. Tell us yours.

CTV collapse prosecution pending

Police will jump through many hoops before deciding whether to prosecute anybody over the CTV building collapse.

Christchurch earthquake memorial designs unveiled

The winning official earthquake memorial design will be chosen in May from six options.

Many quake claimants remain in EQC limbo

Four years on and many homeowners still need answers on their earthquake claims.

Disaster rebuild, the Japanese way

In the first of a four-part series, Paul Gorman visits Onagawa, ravaged by the 2011 tsunami, and the rebuilt Kobe, 20 years after its devastating quake.
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