Christchurch Earthquake 2011

Quakes can affect babies' progress, says expert

A baby

Post-quake babies could be more prone to crime, abuse and gambling as adults.

Cathedral wars heat up

Traditionalists launch PR offensive

Christ Church Catherdral

Campaigners opposing the demolition of Christ Church Cathedral have launched a public relations offensive.

A city treasury of visual culture

Chapman's Homer

OPINION: Maintaining the cultural heartbeat of Christchurch is a key a part of our rebuild.

Quake payout doubles Skellerup profits


Skellerup Holdings posts after-tax profit of $41.1m, boosted by $20m Canterbury earthquake insurance settlement

Shaking off my fear of quakes


Sara Fenn has been able to overcome her fears because she survived the darkest one.

6000 vulnerable quake claimants wait

EQC, Earthquake Commission

Thousands of vulnerable EQC and insurance customers are still waiting for a resolution.

QEII site gets nod for $30m sports centre


Queen Elizabeth II stadium recommended as new home for $30.5m recreation and sport centre.

Videos to cheer up quake-weary Cantabrians

Jesters' videos try to cheer up Cantabrians

Fix It Building Services video

Videos featuring Court Theatre Jesters aim to wrest reluctant chuckles from Christchurch residents dealing with post-quake stresses.

Cathedral advocates 'appalled' at comparisons


Senior bishop's call for Christchurch to stop clinging to the past angers restoration advocates.

Patience needed to change an insurer's view

Builder, new house, generic

OPINION: Putting a dispute over repairs in front of a judge is costly, but may be necessary if the insurer shows no sign of budging.

Where to next for our sinking city?

Avondale liquefaction

OPINION: Large and expensive developments in areas most susceptible to liquefaction will be challenging to justify to Kiwis.

Bravery of quake rescuers recognised

Bryce Curran

Two anaesthetists awarded for exceptional bravery during the February earthquake.

Does Christchurch have a rat problem?


Reports of rats marauding fringes of Christchurch's residential red zone have some crying plague.

Approach to Key advances EQC claim

Paulette Barr

Any doubts Paulette Barr had about confronting John Key have diminished after EQC fast-track her case.

Homeowner - at 3degC - is over EQC

Ken Keir

Ken Keir was happy when he was paid out $113k by EQC - then it asked for it back.

Principals past get on with their lives

Quake principals move on after schools close

Lee Walker

Seven principals were left questioning their futures when their schools were closed last year. Some have left education, while others travel.

Council holds out on church repair bid

House construction

Church's bid to fix school held as council mulls plans for other buildings it owns, including cathedral.

88 house checks and still waiting

63-year-old Gavin still fighting for home repair

Gavin Johnstone

Gavin Johnstone is among 62 Cantabrians whose treatment by insurers and construction companies has resulted in a human rights complaint.

Govt 'creatively accounting' for rebuild

Winston Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters accuses Govt of deceit on the cost of the Christchurch rebuild.

Fake engineer worked on Queensland projects

Gerald Shirtcliff

Qld projects to be reassessed after Gerald Shirtcliffe, who worked on CTV, worked on them using fake name and qualifications.

Experts want to save the cathedral

Conservation 'not just about saving old things'


A restoration expert, an architect and an architectural historian tell Paul Focamp that Christ Church Cathedral is too valuable to be demolished.

Double amputee dreams of walking down the aisle

A woman's dream after quake took both legs

Stacey Herbert

Double amputee Stacey Herbert still dreams of walking down the aisle.

Tearful woman confronts John Key

Paulette Barr

Paulette Barr tells Prime Minister "it's really cold" in her unrepaired quake-hit Shirley home.

Family forced to move nine times

Mt Pleasant family

Mt Pleasant family has moved nine times - soon to be 10 - since the February 2011 earthquake.

Up and away: Waste wings its way off cliffs

Demolition waste being moved in helicopter


More than 100 tonnes of building waste are being airlifted off the Port Hills as part of Christchurch's first helicopter-assisted demolition.

Learning to play game of claims


A clear head and the right information is what really counts when dealing with insurance companies.

Red-zoners get more time to mull over buyouts

Roger Sutton

Port Hills red-zoners get six-month extension on Crown's offer to purchase their homes.

Flood-prone may get cash to lift homes

Waimea Tce flooding

Council considering giving flood-prone residents up to $20k towards cost of raising homes.

Red-zone aim 'was not land clearance'

David Goddard

Court hears red-zone offers were designed to give people control, not force them off their land.

Hazardous waste removed by truckload

red zone homes

5kg of needles were among more than 320,000kg of waste recovered from the red zone.

Quake zones not govt policy decision

Quake Outcasts

The creation of zones classifying quake-damaged land was not a government policy decision, court hears.

Engineer for EQC to face hearing

Graeme Robinson

Top engineer who trains EQC staff faces disciplinary hearing after claims he based conclusions on biased thinking.

Redcliffs School stays in Sumner for now

Redcliffs School

School likely to remain in Sumner for another year as it waits to hear if Main Road site is safe.

Quake waste dumping an 'emerging trend'


Judge denounces post-quake trend of waste dumping in the demolition industry and fines contractor $33,000.

'Red zone policy never explained'

Francis Cooke

Quake Outcasts tell court the Government did not explain why the CER Act wasn't followed.

Insurance battle grinds couple down

Mike Hamel

Exhausted owners of now-bust hair salon Ginger Meggs say they were let down by their insurers.

When you disagree with quake repair assessment

Construction, contractors, rebuild

OPINION: If an insurer's expert will not change their view, it is best to obtain your own expert to point out shortcomings.

Broken windows mystery solved

Broken glass at Christchurch council

Shattering glass at Christchurch's council offices down to repeated quake movement.

Flight bill soars for Canty quake bureaucrats

Gerry Brownlee

Staff amass "excessive" bill after flying between Christchurch and Wellington 7286 times since 2011.

Good news for Redcliffs commuters

Chch road cones

Redcliffs commuters rushing home to kick off the weekend will be met with a welcome surprise this afternoon when the three-week closure of Main Rd is lifted.

Kids need reassurance over news reports

Gaza crisis

TV images of MH17 crash and slain Palestinian children need parental guidance, expert says.

Quake-prone centre 'unsafe to occupy'

David Meates

Staff at Burwood Hospital's spinal cord centre forced to move out after further quake damage found.

Peters claims quake workers weren't paid

Winston Peters

Winston Peters tells Parliament that Earthquake Services boss told his staff not to pay tax.

Quake refugee's career takes off

Classical singer started busking after quake

rebecca nelson

The dream is slowly coming true for a former Christchurch singer, who took to busking after the 2011 earthquake.

EQC letter cold comfort to flooded resident


A letter confirming the "potential" for flood risk on Carla Martin's property is not worth the paper it is written on.

Aussies offer rebuild help

Joe Hockey in Chch

But AMI stadium giving off a "temporary" vibe about city to international audiences, treasurer says.

CBD scene compared with 100 years ago


Photographs of Christchurch from 1914 show how the quakes have knocked the city back in time.

Flood-hit families ineligible for claims

Jo Byrne

Flockton basin residents told their land doesn't meet the EQC criteria for increased flood risk.

The Christchurch Town Hall must be saved

chris moore

OPINION: The town hall is 'timeless and perfectly suited' for purpose and should be restored.

EQC staffer denies misusing cars

EQC cars

Former EQC employee pleads not guilty to dishonestly using company vehicles and a fuel card.
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