Christchurch Earthquake 2011

Public to have a say on red zones' future

red zone homes

The public will play a part in deciding what the residential red zones will look like in the future, Prime Minister John Key says.

Earthquake stress plea to insurers

Stressed, anxious man

Insurers need to better recognise the stress many of their customers are under, psychologist says.

Inspections rise after demolitions spark safety fears

Generic demolition

Demolition site inspections ramping up due to safety concerns, particuarly over treatment of asbestos.

Life in the rebuild's waiting room

Baby only known life in temporary village

Jack Gould

A small kitset house in a temporary village set up after Canterbury's earthquakes is the only home 8-month-old Jack Gould has known.

Pool repairs could cost city $6m

Jellie Park

Pioneer and Jellie Park pools need extensive repairs, with early council estimates at $6m.

Royals to meet quake victims' families

William and Kate

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will today meet families of the 185 people killed in the quake as well as survivors.

Saving a sense of history

Trinity Church

Demolition of the Majestic theatre has consigned another Christchurch heritage building to the history books, but what fate awaits city landmarks still standing?

Quake legislation not enough, says Council

chch quake

Lessons from Christchurch's 2011 earthquake are not reflected in new legislation, the city council says.

Cera requests Cathedral rebuild cost


Government officials are seeking information on Christ Church Cathedral's restoration costs.

Majestic Theatre decision 'not made lightly'

Majestic Theatre

Council seeks 'urgent' legal advice over Majestic Theatre demolition despite $18m cost of any rebuild.

Urgent wait list for housing rises by 100

Glen Innes state houses

About 500 Cantabrians are now waiting, in urgent need of state housing.

Street repairs ignoring upgrade plans

street repairs

Contractors repairing some Christchurch streets are not doing promised upgrades at the same time.

Insurance not always common sense

duncan webb strap

The quote to repair our TC3 home is higher than our GV, or to buy a new home. What are our options?

Abandoned police station to be demolished

Hereford St police station

The former Christchurch police station, abandoned after quake concerns, will be demolished.

How does a city bounce back?

chch quake

Christchurch is learning the hard way that disaster recovery is as much about politics as rebuilding.

Key EQC role gone, two more created

Bruce Emson

Customer services boss Bruce Emson leaves EQC to allow room for two new roles.

Engineers remain well regarded

CTV building

Quake-induced building collapses and a mining disaster have had "minimal" impact on public perception of engineers.

Helicopter used for Port Hills home repair

A helicopter lowers a drilling rig on to a Port Hills

It appears the sky is the limit for settling Port Hills insurance claims.

30 homes in anti-liquefaction pilot


The number of properties with increased liquefaction risk will not be known before May.

Key defends quake emergency response to CTV


The PM says emergency services "did everything they possibly could" in responding to the CTV building collapse.

Natural disaster recovery - parallels with Japan


There are deep comparisons between Cantabrian and Japanese communities fighting to recover after a natural disaster.

Finally, some action for elderly homeowners

Peggy Holdthuson

Ninety-year-old Peggy Holdthuson may now get to see her childhood home repaired before she dies.

Anderton slams cleric's call for demo

jim anderton

Campaigner Jim Anderton says Archbishop of York's call for cathedral demolition is "unqualified".

Homeowner living rough for three years

Paul Tobin

Paul Tobin's sewer has been out of action for more than three years so he uses the toilet at work.

Archbishop backs cathedral demolition

Dr John Sentamu at Christ Church Cathedral

The Archbishop of York said demolition of Christ Church Cathedral was the only option when he visited the ruins today.

Thousands wait for quake repairs

EQC, Earthquake Commission

More than 800 vulnerable earthquake claimants are still to be fully settled by insurers.

Peggy, 90, wants home fixed before dying

Peggy Holdthuson

Peggy Holdthuson, 90, has discovered her insurer had 'no idea' of her home repair claim.

Insurance service tackles 80 cases

Mike Coleman at Southern Response protest

Mike Coleman is promising to tone it down in his new role heading the Canterbury Insurance Assistance Service.

Alf, 92, waits on tardy insurer

Alf Johnson

Alf Johnson is perplexed that he is still waiting to move out of his unsafe house. "Why am I still waiting for a new house?"

Who pays to fix structures on council land?

Crumbling retaining wall

OPINION: Retaining walls, or bridges, which cross council land rather than residential may not be covered by EQC.

Couple annoyed at quality of repairs

Dawn Spencer

EQR's paint began peeling off within a week, yet Dawn Spencer was told if she did not sign off the job her file would be closed.

Provincial Buildings gets $2.5m

Canterbury Provincial Buildings

One of Christchurch's most prominent buildings has received $2.5 million for repairs.

How safe can we afford to be?

Fire engine in floodwaters

OPINION: The lives lost in the quake were a major tragedy but the chances of being killed on NZ roads is 100 times greater than being killed in an earthquake.

Post-quake roadworks take heavy toll on buses

Bus on Tuam St

Buses negotiating post-quake roadworks will land ratepayers with an unexpected $300,000 cost.

Alpine Fault not so 'well behaved'

Alpine Fault

The Alpine Fault may have generated more large quakes than previously thought, research says.

Quake stress creates the 'new vulnerable'

Stressed, anxious man

Cantabrians in their 30s and 40s, living previously comfortable lives are a new at-risk group for post-quake stress.

Only half of red zone homes demolished

bexley rebuild

Demolition of red zone homes needs to accelerate to clear all homes on the flat by the end of this year.

How Dot's case was missed

Dot Boyd

Everyone agrees the vulnerable deserve special treatment after the Canterbury quakes. How then did an 85-year-old living in a badly damaged home fall through the cracks?

EQC 'waiting for us to die'

'Vulnerable' elderly women wait for EQC action

Marlene Naish

The boxes are still stacked up in Marlene Naish's home.

Brownlee: No evidence VIP get priority

EQC, Earthquake Commission

Gerry Brownlee doesn't know if he is regarded as a VIP by EQC because he hasn't asked.

Lotto winner couldn't buy bus ticket

Lotto ticket

The $5m Lotto winner will donate to those who helped him when he lost his home and job in the quakes.

Thousands call for insurance advice


Top concerns facing a quake insurance advice service are scope of works, repair strategies and cash settlements.

Deal with EQC on housing gets closer

EQC, Earthquake Commission

The Christchurch City Council says it is making progress in its bid to reach a global settlement with EQC.

Fraudulent quake claim payouts sent offshore

Poulomi Chaterjee

Money from a woman's four false EQC claims, totalling $37k, has passed out of reach to her family in India.

Alan Reay quits professional body

Alan Reay

Ipenz now can't impose disciplinary penalties against the boss of the company that designed the failed CTV building.

Recovery leaders miss forum on Cera's role


Cera was absent from a community forum about its recovery role and how it will transition.

Homeowner finally gets EQC payout

Dot Boyd

After three years of waiting, EQC eventually give Dot Boyd $200k for her Aranui home.

Poplar Lane owners still waiting

Lisle Hood

A lack of engineers is blamed for the 'glacial pace' of resolving insurance claims for Poplar Lane.

Homeowners to take EQC to court

EQC, Earthquake Commission

More than 120 fed-up homeowners will take EQC to court over its handling of Canterbury's rebuild.

Brownlee summons EQC chief

WANTING ANSWERS: Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee.

EQC chiefs were called to Parliament for a 'please explain' over vulnerable elderly waiting repairs.
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