Comments on a new rugby stadium

19:32, May 29 2012
AMI Stadium
OUT OF BOUNDS: The Canterbury earthquakes devastated AMI Stadium.

Comments relating to a new rugby stadium:

People knew where the current stadium was and we need a covered playing ground because in
winter it gets really misty and you can't see what's happening on the field. It also gets very cold and
wet. 18 - 29, Male

Prefer covered ones, football can be played in all weather. 60+, Female

Tax the rugby union, it's their sport, they can take care of it and pay for it. 18 - 29, Male

It is too expensive, there are not enough spectators. We should fix communities before sports. 30 -
59, Male

Caution should apply. Houses haven't been given foundations so would need severe foundation
work done. Costs are getting out of control. 30 - 59, Female


There is nothing wrong with the new one they have just built in Addington. Crowds are enjoying the
new stadium. It used to be a Rugby League Park. The new one seems just fine - they've added new
turf, lights, etc. 60+, Male

We should go for the bigger one then we can have big concerts and places for schools to have
combined big occasions. 30 - 59, Male

Go for the top one. 18 - 29, Male

It needs to be covered but how often do they need 40 or 35 thousand capacity? 18 - 29, Female

The one we have just needs fixing up. I was fine with how the original one was. 18 - 29, Male

I have nothing to do with rugby so have no opinion. 18 - 29, Male

You would have to build somewhere else, where there is hard ground. The gorund down there
moves like crazy. Some options are very acceptable in another location. Where will you find the
money for a new stadium? 30 - 59, Male

They've already built a stadium in Addington and it's good enough. It's always full but when AMI
Stadium was open it wasn't full and it was expensive. They should keep the new one and not rebuild the old one. If the rugby heads want AMI rebuilt they shou 30 - 59, Male

You want it to be functional. 30 - 59, Male

Have something as a meeting place for Christchurch but cost wise, it has to be sensible. 30 - 59,

They have spent money on the one they have now - they should just leave it, and continue with
what they've got. 30 - 59, Female

Keep the existing stadium. Demolish the AMI where it is. It could possibly be made into a dedicated
cricket ground without major stadium seating etc and just use the temporary one for next 10 - 15
years as it's adequate for the amount of people that atten 30 - 59, Male

It's an opportunity to build a new stadium, build it uncovered and at a later stage a cover can be put
on if necessary. Make it a state of the art. 18 - 29, Male

We need people in homes first. 60+, Female

While we have the chance to build, we need to move with modern times. 30 - 59, Female

It is not worth it. 30 - 59, Male

A covered stadium would be quite good, given the weather in Christchurch. 18 - 29, Male

We are OK for now, it's not a top priority. 30 - 59, Female

Where they are now seems acceptable. I am not a rugby fan but all those options are too big an ask
on the ratepayers 30 - 59, Male

We should see how it works out for Dunedin first. It would be preferable to have it built elsewhere
where land is more stable and more car parking is available. We need a transport system that can
transport fans in and out. 30 - 59, Male

They just spent $20 million upgrading the rugby league stadium in Addington - we need to get 5
years' use from it. We should see if matches sell out. If there is a crying need for a new bigger stadium, I'll revisit the question. A lot of people are stru 30 - 59, Male

They should be happy with what they have. People have chemical toilets and we are building
another rugby stadium?? 30 - 59, Female

It needs to be economical and multi- purpose. 30 - 59, Female

It's not a priority. Taxpayers money should not be wasted on something like that. 30 - 59, Female

Just keep the one they have just built - it is all we need. 30 - 59, Female

A covered ground in the future would be best. 30 - 59, Male

That will do at Addington, but they never finished paying for the world cup stadium. They have to
stop spending. How are we going to pay for these things? 30 - 59, Female

Go for the top if they can afford it. 30 - 59, Female

There are other things to spend money on. 30 - 59, Male

It depends on the safety of what they can do with the current stadium. Rarely does the stadium get
packed so it's not used to its full capacity. There's no point in building a new or bigger stadium. Build
on the stadium if it's safe. 18 - 29, Male

It would be nice to fix it but without the huge drain. 30 - 59, Female

It's had a revamp already so if it can be repaired that's the way to go rather than starting from
scratch. The city is too small to have a fully covered stadium. 18 - 29, Male

We have a stadium. Do the cheapest option to repair AMI. 18 - 29, Male

A covered stadium further west somewhere like Rolleston would be acceptable. Away from all the
drama. 18 - 29, Male

Not in the short term. 30 - 59, Female

There are far to many other things, and where they are is OK. 60+, Male

I think the success of Dunedin's covered stadium has shown that it will be beneficial for Christchurch
and we have the option to do this now, so we should take this opportunity. 30 - 59, Female

It would be very nice to have. 30 - 59, Male

I think 20-25,000 and an additional 5000 for big events is enough. 30 - 59, Male

30000 is enough nowadays. They had trouble filling it before. Covered is a must. 30 - 59, Male

They should get it going as quickly and cheaply as soon as possible. We should just replace what was
there. 30 - 59, Female

I've gone off sport. It's good for young people to play sport or swim. 60+, Female

There's a lot of information to get these. 60+, Male

Go for the top one. 18 - 29, Male

No comment. 30 - 59, Male

I think that they need a new hockey stadium in Christchurch as Porritt Park has been out of a
stadium since the September quake and that should be given a priority as it's all rugby, rugby rugby.
30 - 59, Female

I'm not into rugby, just keep what they have now. 30 - 59, Female

More information needs to be provided. 18 - 29, Female

t must be covered. 30 - 59, Male

The last option is the best but the capacity should be able to seat 45,000 - 50,000 as the population
grows. 30 - 59, Male

Do it properly and beat Dunedin - it's awsome. 30 - 59, Male

The cost is a big thing. It is good to either have a cover on it, or the provision to put one on later. Not a priority at present to put a cover on a stadium, when there are other things to do. 30 - 59, Female

Copy Dunedin's one. 60+, Female

I have no opinion as it does not state who is paying for the stadium. 30 - 59, Female

Christchurch needs a covered stadium, so if they are going to do it, they may as well spend the
money, and do it properly. 60+, Female

More questions about rugby than about other important issues - a rugby stadium is not that
important. There's no money, so we can't do anything. 60+, Female

I haven't studied it. 60+, Male

Out of my sphere of expertise. I just like looking at the boys. 30 - 59, Female

If they do it, do it properly. 30 - 59, Female

For a lot of people it's difficult to make informed comment on these things. I'm a demolition
contractor so I understand a bit more of the logistics of the proposal. At the the end of the day it
comes down to money and a finite amount is available to the 30 - 59, Male

What we have just built is more than enough. 60+, Female

Redevelop in a location on the north west side of Christchurch. 30 - 59, Male

I haven't thought too much about it - I have less experience with this. We do need a stadium. 60+,

I'm not into rugby. 60+, Male

Is the ground suitable to rebuild on? 60+, Female

I never go to the stadium - I don't know whether it needs to be rebuilt. 30 - 59, Female

No opinion on that sorry. 30 - 59, Male

They all take too long time-wise and the return and the numbers don't add up. 30 - 59, Female

Just use the one that has just been completed. 60+, Female

Do it once, do it properly like Dunedin. 30 - 59, Female

Spend no money, we already have a stadium. 60+, Female

There are more important things to spend money on. 30 - 59, Male

If they are going to do it, do it properly. 30 - 59, Male

No comment. 30 - 59, Male

If they are going to do it, cover it and have other codes in there. 30 - 59, Female

A covered stadium would service more than a rugby playing group. 60+, Male

We should go for a covered ground like Dunedin. 60+, Female

I don't consider this to be a priority. We can continue using the existing stadium currently. 30 - 59,

If it's feasible to have it covered, and pay for itself then it is not the ratepayers problem. 18 - 29,

It's important that we get a new stadium built but I don't think it's a priority. The council needs to
focus on infrastructure first then think about building these facilities. 30 - 59, Male

AMI stadium has had it. It has had millions spent on it. You know what the lands like - why be stupid
and pour money down the drain? Go somewhere where the land is more stable, for example, where the showground is. Where there is good road access and stab 30 - 59, Male

It seems a ludicrous amount of money to be spent on one sport. We should use the existing
stadium that we have now for as long as possible then replace it with a covered stadium. 30 - 59,

It must be covered for whatever option is chosen. 60+, Male

It's hard to decide. I'd like to see something covered that could be used for other sports, eg hockey,
football, league, rugby, netball and tennis. 60+, Female

I think that it's far too much money for just a stadium. It should be user pays. 60+, Female

We don't need a very large stadium that is world class. It would be good for the Crusaders to have a
good stadium but without expecting too much from the public with costs. The stadium should be
available for a number of purposes not just rugby. 30 - 59, Male

I think that there should be a multi-facility sports complex in the centre of the city all in one place -
for all sports, not just for rugby. 30 - 59, Male

It's when we are talking millions of dollars. It blows you away - it's an awful lot of money. 60+,

There are far more pressing financial requirements than building a new sports stadium for recreational sport when people are suffering in various suburbs from lack of housing and facilities. They have a stadium out there now which a lot of money has been 60+, Male

No comment. 30 - 59, Male

They struggled to fill it up before, 30,000 is enough. 18 - 29, Male

Have a rugby stadium on the outskirts of town or on the showgrounds area, something similar to
that or nearby where parking is available. 60+, Male

I don't think it should be rebuilt - the existing temporary one is sufficient. There are more important
things to spend money on than on a stadium that has a limited use. 30 - 59, Female

No comment. 30 - 59, Female

I am not interested. 30 - 59, Female

No comment. 30 - 59, Female

We want one like Dunedin. 60+, Male

No comment. 30 - 59, Female

No comment. 60+, Female

Yes, there's great historical value for AMI stadium. Most of the city population would support a
rebuild of it to conditions of safety and capacity but not to have it covered. 60+, Male

I think that there are more important things to spend money on than sport. 30 - 59, Female

The outlay of money just seems ridiculous. It's just a game of sport for heavens sake. 60+, Female

World wide there are huge stadiums built, especially in States, and they are not utilised where there
are huge populations so why spend such an amount of money in such small country. It is not cost
effective. 30 - 59, Male

I think Christchurch needs a covered stadium, not too worried about the capacity. 30 - 59, Male

Absolutely unacceptable/and all ridiculous/ they should sort out the peoples problems first and help
people with insurance issues and all their issues such as housing, insurance, depression, all issues
that people have. 30 - 59, Female

I'd like to have a covered stadium, not worried about maximising capacity. Rebuild in town arouns
restaurants, bars, etc, 30 - 59, Male

Why can't they use the one they have repaired, and which seems good? Then they could put the
money towards a new covered stadium, like one of the ones above. 30 - 59, Female

I do not have an opinion on this because I don't believe they have looked at all of the options
including a smaller stadium. 60+, Female

In an ideal world all sounds fabulous. 30 - 59, Female

I'd like to see 40,000 and covered stadium at a good price. 60+, Male

Sorry, rugby is not top of my list but accept it is for a lot of people. 30 - 59, Female

There are better places for the money to be spent. 30 - 59, Female

There are more important things than rugby. Build more houses. 60+, Female

An open stand in Christchurch is not a good suggestion. Costs are great, grounds/land is
questionable as to whether it is suitable or not. 60+, Female

I think we should build a rectangular, covered, multi-purpose stadium. 60+, Male

Money can be used for other recreational things for people, until you build your bank account back
up. 30 - 59, Male

We have to have a roof and when people move back here eventually we need to have seating to
suit. 60+, Female

Cost and time would be the main drawcard for whichever plan eventuates. 18 - 29, Female

I don't have enough information about the grounds etc, not enough info to make a comment. 30 -
59, Female

The price is the main factor. We have to spend lots of money on, for example, hospital, but I think
rugby is important for Christchurch. 30 - 59, Female

Just get on with it and build it. 30 - 59, Male

More issues to look into. 60+, Male

They should be rebuilt, not repaired. 30 - 59, Female

I don't have an interest in what happens with stadiums. 18 - 29, Male

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