Most satisfied with insurer's conduct

20:13, May 30 2012

Insurance companies have been roundly condemned since the Canterbury earthquakes began, but a detailed survey shows most customers have been satisfied with their insurer's performance.

Opinions Market Research's local issues survey for The Press reveals that of the 75 per cent of the 359-strong sample who are insured, between 64 per cent and 82 per cent classify the performance of their house insurance company as good.

Those who considered it poor ranged from none in the case of NZI (38 per cent said they did not know) to 21 per cent for AMI-Southern Response.

For household contents insurers, good ratings varied from 83 per cent of Vero Insurance customers down to 54 per cent of NZI customers.

Four per cent of IAG-State Insurance clients said its performance was poor, while AMI-Southern Response had the worst "poor" rating, assigned by 14 per cent of its surveyed customers.

The breakdown is interesting given the full survey group put insurance companies last in ranking the performance of groups and organisations since the start of the quakes.


That poll saw 64 per cent saying they had performed poorly, with 19 per cent considering it extremely poor, 14 per cent very poor and 28 per cent quite poor.

Only 34 per cent said insurance companies had done a good job, with 21 per cent thinking their work had been quite good.

Opinions Market Research director Karen Selway said there was obviously a small minority who had "clearly had an unsatisfactory experience" with their insurers.

She cautioned that the survey responses were based on a small number of participants with each insurance company.

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