Replica street signs as red-zone souvenirs

SOUVENIRS: Deryn Tregurtha makes signs for red-zone residents to keep as mementoes.
SOUVENIRS: Deryn Tregurtha makes signs for red-zone residents to keep as mementoes.

A Burwood resident is making replica street signs as souvenirs for red-zone residents leaving their suburbs.

Deryn Tregurtha was inspired to create the souvenirs when the sign for her red-zoned street was taken by a departing neighbour.

''It all started because signs were being souvenired by people leaving the red zone,'' she said.

''They would take the sign off the lamp post and it was gone. A lot of the streets had no signs, so we made handwritten ones to replace them.

''Then we thought that replica ones would be the way to go.

''That way it is fair on everybody. You can keep the replica and leave the official one there.''

Tregurtha, who has lived in Ulm St for 34 years, has already taken orders for 30 replica street signs through a neighbourhood Facebook page. She is happy to make more for red-zone residents.

''People are so sad to be leaving they just want something as a memento, knowing that the street will no longer be there,'' she said.

''These streets are not going to be here any more and that is very sad. It will all be wiped off the map completely. 

''People feel really upset that the street they lived on for a long time will just be gone and that will be it.''

The replica signs, which are weatherproof, can be bought for $50 by emailing The money covers the printing costs.

Verna Harkerss bought a sign for her red-zoned street.

''We have been here for 25 years and we don't want to leave. We have been forced to leave. We thought we would be here right to the end. This area is pretty special,'' she said.

''The street sign will be a memento of the whole area to take with us. This is a street we have lived in for a long time and this will be a way of always remembering that.''

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