Planner against new supermarket in Ilam

17:00, Apr 06 2010

Resource consent for a planned Christchurch supermarket should be declined, a city council planner says.

The Foodstuffs application was heard late last month by a council-appointed commissioner, who reserved the decision.

The supermarket giant wants to build a 3992-square metre complex on the former Feltex carpet factory site in Ilam.

The move attracted 35 submissions, with 33 opposed.

Senior council planner Clare Revell said traffic volumes, noise and other issues could affect neighbours, while one of the supermarket's competitors, Avonhead Fresh Choice, could lose $10 million in the first year.

"While the proposal will allow for more convenient access to a supermarket for some members of the community close to the proposed New World, it is my opinion that this may be at the expense of a number of others who currently utilise and rely on the Avonhead Mall as their existing district centre."


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