A timely verdict

19:56, Sep 21 2010
The New Brighton clock tower
CLOCK OUT: The New Brighton clock tower also stopped when the earthquake struck.

Two landmark Christchurch clocks stopped by the earthquake have not suffered major damage.

The former railway station clock tower on Moorhouse Ave and the New Brighton clock tower outside the library both stopped about 4.35am on September 4.

The railway station clock tower is structurally sound, but cladding bricks have cracked.

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A steel frame with plywood backing is being bolted to the clock tower to stop falling bricks so a Moorhouse Ave traffic lane can be reopened this week.

Science Alive chief executive Neville Petrie said no decision had been made on whether to restart the site's tower clock.

Christchurch City Council greenspace and transport manager Alan Beuzenberg said the New Brighton clock tower had small cracks and had been cordoned .

"At this stage, it is not believed that the damage is significant," he said. A structural engineer would assess the damage within a fortnight, he said.


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