No timeframe for Madras St demo

23:13, May 20 2014
216 Madras St demo
NUISANCE: Ongoing demolition of the building at the corner of Madras and Lichfield streets has left Madras street a network of road cones.

Our Mainland Live page offers readers the chance to have a question about the region answered. Here, a Christchurch resident queries when a central city demolition will finally be completed.

Q: When will they finish demolishing the building near the corner of Lichfield and Madras (next to the NG Building) so that the road can go back to the normal lane configuration? At the moment cyclists have nowhere to go and slow down the impatient cars behind them.

Jude Tewnion

A: Cera will be managing the remaining demolition to take place at 216 Madras Street and planning for that is now underway. An exact timeframe cannot be given at this stage.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera)


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