Memorial hall demolition underway

05:13, Jul 10 2014
Memorial hall demolition
HISTORY: The Memorial hall has been nearly demolished in a matter of hours.

Demolition went ahead at full pace today despite an impassioned plea by protesters yesterday to save an historic building.

The memorial hall in Moorhouse Ave was dedicated to 71 former Christchurch Technical College students who died in World War 1.

However, demolition went ahead following last week's section 38 demolition order by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority. The hall suffered earthquake damage and has not been occupied since September 2011.

Memorial hall protestf
HEARTFELT PLEA: Protesters say the memorial hall is sacred.

Yesterday, Ross Gray of the Historic Places Canterbury said the demolition of a sacred war memorial was "a disgrace".

The demolition will make way for a new Engineering and Architectural Studies building.


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