Gary McCormick furious about parking

21:21, Sep 03 2014

Christchurch drivers should not have to pay to park in dangerous, substandard car parks, radio personality Gary McCormick says.

''How come there are orange cones blocking off hazards everywhere in this city but not at these car parks?''

McCormick is furious he received a $65 parking fine when he parked at the Wilson Parking-controlled St Asaph's Carpark on Tuesday night.

He admits he saw the Wilson Parking sign, but assumed since it was after 6pm, he did not have to pay. He was wrong. People are charged for parking at that site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

McCormick said he would not have a problem paying the fine if the car park was up to a basic standard.

''This is a safety hazard. It's a quarry. It's a tip. This is an earthquake bomb site.''


The park, which runs between St Asaph Street and Southwark St, is uneven, full of gravel in places and has two big humps, which scrapped the bottom of McCormick's car.

There is no lighting at night or lines to show where to park. Three metal bars stick up from the ground at one point.

''Can you imagine an old woman walking through here at night time?'' he said.

''You pay here for nothing. You pay here to be ripped off.''

McCormick is refusing to pay the fine and said he would fight Wilson Parking in court.

He believed Wilson Parking had an obligation under the Consumer Guarantees Act to provide a satisfactory car park with basic amenities.

''I don't care how long it takes. I'm not paying for this. Look at it. It's a dump.''

He would also be making a complaint to Worksafe New Zealand.

McCormick is not stopping at this one park, and said he wanted all unsafe parking areas in Christchurch to be banned or tidied up.

Wilson Parking has not yet responded to McCormick's claim.

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