Global push to save Pallet Pavilion

04:59, May 15 2013
Pallet pavilion fundraiser
FUNDS NEEDED: The search has gone global to raise $80,000 to retain the Pallet Pavilion.

A fundraising campaign to keep Christchurch's Pallet Pavilion has attracted nearly $8000.

The Gap Filler initiative, an outdoor venue built using more than 3000 recycled wooden pallets on the site of the former Crowne Plaza hotel, was scheduled to close last month.

However, the project's success led to calls for it to remain for another summer.

pallet pavillion
Money from around the world has come in to save the Pallet Pavilion

The pavilion has hosted buskers' festival acts, concerts and community events since opening in mid-December.

A page on crowdfunding site Pledge Me has been created to raise the $80,000 needed.

Gap Filler founder Coralie Winn said the campaign was ''extremely ambitious''.


The money will be returned if the target is not met on June 8.

''The key thing is we're not deciding to keep it. Many people want us to, so we're letting this fundraising campaign make the decision,'' she said.

Her team had ''crunched the numbers'' to keep the sum needed to $80,000.

Costs included security, electricity and maintenance.

''They're ongoing costs that any community facility would have and we don't have that kind of money,'' Winn said.

Sponsors were being sought, but crowdfunding allowed funds to be sourced beyond Christchurch.

Gap Filler had fans throughout New Zealand and overseas, Winn said.

''Because it's online, we're putting it to the national and international community as well, rather than just asking Christchurch for the money,'' she said.

As part of the campaign, donors have the chance to ''rent'' a pallet for a year.

It allowed people to become shareholders in the pavilion, Winn said.

''It's quite a cool, tangible way to raise the money,'' she said.

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