Pedestrian hit by cyclist out of coma

Police admit they are ''very much in the dark'' about the circumstances surrounding a crash that left a pedestrian in a coma for several days after she was struck by a bike.

They are yet to speak to the male cyclist involved in the incident near the corner of Cambridge Tce and Cashel St about 4.45pm on July 25. The incident was not reported to police until Wednesday last week.

The cyclist is urged to contact police.

Crash investigator Senior Constable John Moore said the female pedestrian, aged about 55, was taken to hospital immediately after the incident with head injuries.

She spent several days in a coma, but had since regained consciousness.

He believed she was now being cared for at Burwood Hospital.

''I'm very much in the dark about it [the] crash still.

''I think she's fallen badly ... [and] she's been injured.''

Witnesses had come forward after an article in The Press.

It appeared the cyclist remained at the crash scene while the woman received treatment and then left, Moore said.

It was unusual for the incident to go unreported for so long, he said.

People had an obligation to report crashes, particularly if someone was injured.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on (03) 363 7400.

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